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Welcome to this blog!

Most of my ideas are born under the shower. And that’s where the idea for this blog came to me as well. Under a shower on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.

From my Suitcase to my Stove will be a blog about my travels and the food in the countries where I traveled, with the recipes of the most memorable dishes I had.

Why this blog? When I am awake I think about food (and eat too much of it), when I sleep I dream about food and when I travel I want to know about everything about the food in the region I visited. I also love cooking, so back home I want to cook the food I ate. Sometimes I have the original recipe, but I also find a lot of recipes on the internet, in my own cookbooks or I try to make the dish from my memories with varying results. And I want to share these dishes with you.

I plan to post a recipe or a link to it at least once a week and in between tell you about my trips, daily life and the everlasting struggle with my weight.

I’m really looking forward to share my favourite dishes with you!