I have always loved cooking. So much that I even started my own, very small catering company, Cuisine Orange. But I never gave up the day job. Cooking still is a hobby that got a little out of hand and I am very happy with that.

My name is Mirjam Hartman and I live in the west of The Netherlands, in a town called Alphen aan den Rijn, which is in the middle of the three largest cities in The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. I work in The Hague as a projectmanager for the government.

Cooking is a very important part of my life and has always been a very good way to distress after a hectic week at work. I love cooking for family and friends and trying out new recipes on them, I also love collecting cookbooks and in our house you will always find a small pile of cookbooks in every room.

Besides cooking I love traveling. In a former life I worked in tourism and traveled in many European countries. Together with my husband I have made some trips further afield, to Thailand, Indonesia and the United States. And of course I have traveled in my own country: despite its small size, there are lots of things to see and do and it offers a lot of different regional foods.

From my Suitcase to my Stove is about those trips and the food I found there.


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